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Join the Heartgang today Help make a difference in the community one HEART at a time 

Rules :To join the HeartGang all you have to do is tag HeartGang and #hashtag HeartGang (via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) to picture of you doing something nice/ positive/ or caring for someone. And just like that you're in. You will receive a OFFICIAL Heartgang badge of honor with a member number that will always be yours and yours alone. We will contact you by email and to get a photo of you for your heart gang card (as seen below) We will post your image here on our website with what you did to become a member and shout you out on our heart gang IG and Facebook Fan page :) good luck, be safe and show the world that #WEGOTHEART 

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  • illinoisheart

    on September 4, 2014

    If you have a comment at this please leave them here

Randy - (feeds the homeless)

Dori - (teaches the youth and feeds the homeless)

Kevin - (#1 Supporter of the Heartgang)

Coach Lee - (Feeds the homeless)

Sticks - (donates and feeds the homeless)

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